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Mission 4: Welcome Home

The Farmworker Housing Development Corporation (FHDC) supports low-income farmworkers by providing stable, safe and affordable housing.
Oregon farmworkers and their families are traditionally housed in labor camps. A six-member family typically lives in a one-room uninsulated shack the size of a walk-in closet; two bunk beds placed against the walls with enough space for one person to stand in-between them; a hot plate on a wooden box placed in front of the beds next to the door.
In response to these poor living conditions, the FHDC was established by a coalition of nonprofit organizations and individuals. Their first housing complex, Nuevo Amanecer (New Dawn), was completed in 1994. It was met with fierce opposition by community leaders who feared the integration of farmworkers and their children into local neighborhoods and towns.

Today, the FHDC owns 10 housing complexes in six locations and provides safe, affordable and respectful housing to 1,300 adults and children. Colorful murals…

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