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Mission 1: Toy Story

The Community Transitional School is a private nonprofit school that serves homeless children in Multnomah county. No child who walks through their doors is ever turned away.

Students range in age from four to 14 (grades K to 8th grade). Some live with their transient families in cars, on neighbors couches and under bridges. Others live in domestic violence shelters, homeless family shelters or cheap motels.

The Community Transitional School operates year-round with short breaks, so students have regular access to additional supports. Students are provided with a door-to-door bus service, even if their unstable living situations change frequently. They are served a nutritious breakfast and lunch, and they have the option to bring a packaged dinner to their families. Volunteer dentists and optometrists visit the school to provide necessary dental work and eye exams. There is also an on-site nurse practitioner to provide basic health screening. Students have access to a clothing closet…

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